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Hello ! Thank you a lot for this happy game, it made me... happy :D I loved the ambiance, the environment, the cute little pig, and the adorable puzzle :3

Glad to read in the comments there will be more :)


hello désolé pour la réponse très (très) tardive, merci pour le commentaire! la suite est en marche mais ça sera plus long! j'ai testé votre démo vraiment sympa, vivement des puzzles plus complexes ;-)

Very cute but I couldn't place anything in the 3rd... bug?

Hi, I tried to reproduce the bug but all works fine when I play.I can drop all pots on the stones. Whatever, thank you for the video and the bug report but I can't fix it....

Watch it here

This was adorable and well made. I can't wait to see more from ya.

Thanks for the video! I fixed the bug collision near the river...

I created this account just to tell you that it is heart warming to see someone put his time and effort to make other people happy. This little cute game made my day. I'm looking forward to see your next game based on this. Also, in what program do you create your music?

glad you liked the game! I made the music with Garage band.

I downloaded it because my girlfriend is addicted to rabbits. That was so cute! I'm happy people make things like this.

Hi, thanks for comment. I 'm working on a new level based on that demo. Stay tuned!